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Young Adult LGBT Books

“My son is an avid reader and sometimes reads several books a week. After he came out to me, I felt that it was important for him to read books that are inclusive and that include characters who are like him. These books have meant a lot to my son. He loves to talk to […]

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Fundraising for a Transgender House in Topeka

I was recently approached by the founder of Planting Peace, the non-profit organization that created the Equality House across the street from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Although the Equality House is painted as the transgender flag one week each year, many in the trans community have asked for something more permanent. Now the […]

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Anti-Trans Bathrooms Bills in Kansas

There are two new bills pending in the Kansas legislature. Both will ban trans students in Kansas public schools from using the bathrooms that align with their gender. Trans girls will be forced to use the boys’ bathroom. Trans boys will be forced into the girls’. As written, these bills will provide special “accommodations” through […]

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What is SJR 39 in Missouri?

SJR 39 is a bill that would add LGBT discrimination into the state constitution by way of a public vote. Missouri Senate Democrats held a record-breaking 39 hour filibuster of the anti-LGBT bill. Unfortunately, the Senate still forced a vote on the bill, and it was passed out of the Senate in a vote of 23-9. SJR […]

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Missouri Senate Passes Religious Freedom Bill after Record 39 Hour Filibuster

Eight Missouri Democratic Senators conducted a record-breaking filibuster in an attempt to keep SJR 39 from passing. SJR 39 is a bill that will provide for a public vote to pass a law allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of religious freedom. For 39 1/2 hours, Senators Maria Chapelle-Nadal, Kiki Curls, Jason Holsman, […]

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Businesses and Faith Leaders Stand Up to Proposed Missouri Bill

Businesses, faith leaders, organizations, and residents of Missouri have joined together to tell Missouri General Assembly to reject anti-LGBT legislation. The letter reads in part: We are calling on you to reject anti-LGBT legislation, particularly SJR 39, in Missouri. Per a recent report from Visit Indy, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana cost the […]

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“Bathroom Bill” Targeting Trans Students Fails in South Dakota

HB 1008 brought national media attention to lawmakers in South Dakota recently. The bill, which mandated that K-12 students use restrooms and locker rooms that matched their “anatomy at birth” or their “chromosomes,” was passed into law, making South Dakota the first state in the nation to write laws specifically targeting transgender youth, and putting the […]

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Flash Mob Proposal Goes Viral

This is one of those videos that will make you say “awwwwww!” Jared and Adam fell in love at a cycling studio. The proposal during a spin class is not to be missed. Watch now!  

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MSU Adds Gender Identity and Expression to Their Nondiscrimination Policy

The Missouri State University Board of Governors voted in favor, 6-1, of amending the university’s nondiscrimination policy for both students and employees to include gender identity and gender expression. Other categories that they voted in favor to add include marital status, family status, pregnancy and genetic information. The policy already protects students and employees based […]

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MONA Passes Out of Senate Committee!

The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA) is making strides in the Missouri Legislature. MONA would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Missouri’s Human Rights Statute, which currently prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations for other protected categories, including race, sex, and national origin. The Progress & Development Committee, led by Senator Joseph Keaveny, […]

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