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Life, Gender, and the Pursuit of Happiness

This is the coming out story of our very own Kansas City chapter Vice President!

(Content warning: this post contains talk of deep depression and talk of self harm.)

Picking up a few paragraphs in…

I was always pretty smart. I did well in my classes. As in the ones I enjoyed, Bs in the ones not as much. I graduated from high school in the top 8% of my class of 340 people. I spent practically all of the free time my parents would allow writing programs and learning more about computers. I felt as if I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to.

I started at a community college my first year after high school, and after that moved to a school that was in state but far away. I needed to move away from home for a while. I was majoring in computer science (the obvious choice) and was doing very well. For a while anyway.

There was a problem. For as long as I could remember, this problem plagued my mind in some fashion or another. Depression. This feeling of life being awful. The feeling that I was awful. I hated it. The more time went on though, the more the depression soaked into my life. It stems back as far as I can remember — all the way back to kindergarten. I had many times in high school where I hated my life and really couldn’t stand it. It got worse in college. By the fifth semester, depression was so bad that I didn’t have the energy to go to class, and learning was impossible. My brain had basically shut off by that point. I couldn’t think straight. I was chronically unmotivated to do anything, often including eating. Those computer projects I loved hadn’t been touched in years. My passions were gone, and basically any form of existence I had known was gone too. I really wanted to die. I finally dropped out of college to try to save my falling 1.9 GPA before it got worse.

Read the rest of Sarah’s beautiful and inspirational story here.


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LGBT Regional Summit Hosted by the White House

Members of the LGBT community from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa gathered together in St. Louis on September 30th to discuss a variety of issues in a regional summit hosted by the White House and Department of Health and Human Services.

On hand for panel discussions were representatives of the SBA, USDA, Department of Justice, and Department of Education. Morning workshops included topics as varied as improving data collection for the LGBT community, to health disparities in the queer and trans communities of color, and the future of federal and state nondiscrimination protections. Afternoon workshops focused on health and aging in the LGBT community, the Affordable Care Act, and engaging and supporting LGBT youth. An afternoon panel also highlighted local leaders and community groups.

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Crowd Supports Trans Teen at Rally Against Hate Group

The hate group, which we all know, will not be named. They don’t deserve public recognition for their deeds. Lets just say they are a family who claims to be a church, and they reside across the street from the Equality House in Topeka.

They came to Kansas City October 1st to protest transgender homecoming queen, Landon Patterson, at her school. But classmates and alumni of Oak Park High, and members of the community at large, weren’t going to let the protest happen without fighting back. They arranged their own rally in support of Landon to take place at the same time.

The police presence was large, but supporters were determined not to physically confront the protesters. Instead, a crowd of 400-500 people gathered at a park next to the school and organized a parade of support that marched from the park, past the school and down to the corner where the “crowd” of six protestors were gathered. With t-shirts saying “I stand with Landon,” signs, banners, and chants of “Long live the queen,” supporters crossed the street to surround the protestors. In less than five minutes, the protestors decided to walk back to their one van and drive away. The protest which was scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes lasted only 40 minutes.

The crowd of supporters was made up of Landon’s friends and classmates, parents of friend, alumni supporting the school’s policy of inclusion, and members and allies of the LGBT community.

Watch some of the local news coverage here.

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Supporters Rally Around St. Louis Transgender Student

Transgender student Lila Perry is receiving support from the LGBT community in St. Louis after more than 100 fellow students walked out of classes to protest her use of the girls’ restroom and locker room.

Click here to see KSDK’s report of the support rally.

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Kansas City Calls for Action after Trans Woman’s Murder

“The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, Una Lucha KC, The Justice Project and One Struggle KC call for action and healing in response to the murder of Tamara Dominguez, a transgender Latina woman, in Kansas City, Missouri. She is the 17th reported homicide of a transgender woman killed since January 1, 2015, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP).

Kansas City Anti-Violence Project, Una Lucha KC, The Justice Project and One Struggle KC were devastated to learn of Tamara Dominguez’s tragic death on August 17, 2015. Tamara was intentionally run over three times by a large vehicle, sending a threatening, direct message of hate towards other trans-women and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Latin@ communities in Kansas City. Our organizations are working collectively together to help support and advocate with Tamara’s chosen family and friends.

“Our hearts are heavy with grief that another member of our community was taken too soon. We lift up Tamara’s family, friends and the entire transgender and LGBQ communities in love and support through these difficult times.”


Read the rest of the statement from Randall Jenson of the KCAVP here.

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