Confidential Helpline

The confidential PFLAG Kansas City Helpline is available for persons who need information and support. Call (816) 765-9818* and leave your name, phone number, and the best times to call; a PFLAG Kansas City support volunteer will call you back. The volunteer will not reveal the purpose of the call to anyone else who answers the phone.

When and where does PFLAG Kansas City meet?

PFLAG Kansas City holds regular chapter meetings twice each month, the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 3:00 p.m. The 2nd Sunday meeting is in Room 307 at Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village. The 4th Sunday meeting is at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion. (Everyone is also welcome to attend the Board meetings on the 2nd Sunday beginning at 1:30 pm.)

When you get to VPC, you should see PFLAG signs directing you to the meeting room.

I’m interested in PFLAG, but I’m nervous about attending. What can I expect at a chapter meeting?

Our chapter meetings start at 3:00 p.m. We’ll give you a name tag to fill out so that we’ll know how you like to be addressed. Some of the chapter members will probably greet you and welcome you to the meeting, but you’re always welcome to find a chair and sit quietly if you feel uncomfortable chatting with people you don’t know. Meetings usually start with a few brief announcements and an explanation by our chapter president that everything mentioned at the meeting is private and confidential. After that, we usually start our program. Usually, our program committee arranges for speakers to come and address the group. After the speaker(s) finish, we usually take a few moments for members to share information with the group if they feel so inclined. This ends the formal part of the meeting, but people often stick around to chat with other members, ask questions of our speaker(s), and get to know other people.

We always provide snacks and drinks of various types at the meeting. Some of our members are vegetarian and gluten free, so there’s usually something there for everyone.

How do I join PFLAG Kansas City?

You can actually join PFLAG Kansas City in a few different ways.

You can send a check or money order to:

PFLAG Kansas City
PO Box 12294
Overland Park, KS 66282

Most of our members join by bringing a check, money order, or cash to our regular chapter meetings. When you’re at the meeting, ask any board member for help.