Organizational Independence From Faith Communities

PFLAG and its affiliates are non-sectarian, non-denominational, and not affiliated with any religious institution. Meetings, however, are often held in places of worship. All attendees at PFLAG meetings must understand that PFLAG is independent from all faith communities. Thus, PFLAG affirms:

  • The importance of freedom of expressions of spiritual beliefs, religious affiliations, as well as freedom from such beliefs for all persons;
  • The complete independence of PFLAG from organizational ties to any religious institution, church, synagogue, temple or other place of worship or community of faith;
  • That a choice to meet in a place of worship does not in any way reflect, or imply, the promotion of any particular religion;
  • That the location of PFLAG meeting space in no way implies membership in any religious institution nor exclusion of any individuals regardless of their spiritual choices or affiliations;
  • That we seek affirmation, support, and full participation at all levels within religions for all LGBT individuals;
  • That if, at any time, an affiliate is found to be in violation of this PFLAG policy, affiliate status may be withdrawn or denied.

We recognize and appreciate the hospitality extended to PFLAG by individual faith communities in the form of meeting space, announcements, sponsorship by social justice committees and similar support free of institutional requirements.

(This replaces two similar policies. Adopted by the Board of Directors, July 24, 2011)