Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in America still do not enjoy the same civil rights as heterosexual Americans.

In both Kansas and Missouri, gay, lesbian and transgender people can lose their homes and their jobs simply because of their gender identity or expression.

Our legal system allows LGBT youth to remain vulnerable to harassment, bullying, and violence in schools. LGBT youth suffer disproportionately and their educational performance and life trajectories are adversely affected by the unsafe and negative environments in which too many find themselves.

PFLAG networks with many organizations and resources in order to assist schools as they address issues surrounding harassment, bullying, safe spaces and LGBT youth.

At PFLAG Kansas City, we believe that hatred thrives where love is silent. As families, friends and allies of LGBT people, we are outspoken about issues that affect our LGBT loved ones. Advocating involves speaking out with pride, not only to our families, friends and neighbors, but to elected officials and others in positions to lead change.