“The speakers were great–they really touched the audience. Many teachers went home and had a talk with their own children. So many wonderful responses. It was the talk of the lunch table the next day. Many teachers felt that this gave them the “recharging” they needed to keep active in dealing with this issue and make sure that our high school is safe for gay kids!”

“Excellent workshop! Those who attended are still talking about it and how ‘simple’ it is to do something to eradicate the negative comments and feelings surrounding gay youth! We want you back in the fall for an in-service workshop that lasts for an entire morning!”

“Many students told me that they were very moved by your honest emotion in coming to an understanding about this issue in your own life. It is important for people to see and hear that parental love is constant. You are doing important work educating young people in the best possible way to be accepting of all people.”

“We liked having both a parent of a LGBT individual and a gay parent–it added a dimension often overlooked in discussions of LGBT issues in schools.”

“This school desperately needed a session like this one.”

Middle and High School Students

“This was the best class we had all year. I thought the two speakers were direct, honest, and realistic. Their message was based on real life experiences, and that they were so open as to share their personal experiences with us made us trust them. I felt like I could connect with what they were saying.”

“I found this class extremely interesting because of the incredibly open and comfortable atmosphere our two PFLAG guest speakers created as soon as they began their presentation.”

“It was good to hear a parent expressing pride in her gay child and risking harassment to express it.”

“I used to dislike gay people and now realize I was just being stupid and ignorant.”

“What I learned today made me think. I had heard people tell me this stuff before, but today it touched me more… I feel that I’ll use what I learned today. I’ll remember it. I’ll change some of the things I do.”