June 10th PFLAG KC Meeting features Inoru Wade

“Inoru M. Wade is a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Kansas with his Bachelors in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese and Japanese) and International Studies (Diffusion of Christian Theology in non-western nations). Currently he is a graduate research student from the University of Kansas’ School of Public Affairs and Administration. The focus of his study is LGBTQ+ issues and policy implementations to resolves the issues the community faces at the nonprofit, municipal, state, and federal level of government. He has traveled from San Diego to New York City and everywhere in-between collecting data and stories of the LGBTQ+ experience. He has delivered reports to the United States Senate regarding LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, has provided instrumental research regarding HB 2141 in the State of Missouri to protect children from conversion therapy, and his research regarding LGBTQ+ inclusivity policy is being published in Administration: Theories in Praxis, a journal used by many public organizations to increase their effectiveness. Inoru works with the Human Rights Campaign- Kansas City, PROMO Pac, and the LGBT Chamber of commerce to better the lives of his LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and non-binary siblings.”

Inoru was a speaker at Equality Teen Prom! I know everyone will benefit from hearing this! Please join us!