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Fundraising for a Transgender House in Topeka

I was recently approached by the founder of Planting Peace, the non-profit organization that created the Equality House across the street from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Although the Equality House is painted as the transgender flag one week each year, many in the trans community have asked for something more permanent. Now the house next door is for sale. Sounds like the universe is talking, don’t you think?

I told Aaron about our visit last year and what it meant to my daughter. I told her about the possibility of having a Transgender House. Both of their minds started churning and they came up with the same idea: have Avery tell her story about visiting the house in the campaign to raise the funds to buy it.

The Equality House has become a beacon of hope across from a symbol of hate. It has also become a bit of an LGBTQ resource and community center as it opens its doors to visitors and has been the site of several LGBT fundraisers. With the trans community under attack from legislators around the country now more than ever, a visible representation of the community and a place for gathering together in a positive space for other fundraising events would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

If you would like to be part of this effort, the fundraising page can be found here:


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