A Great Story About a PFLAG Mom

On a snowy night a few winters ago, Anita Gorrell’s youngest child dropped a letter in front of her and zipped out of the room.

The family had just moved to Indianapolis, and her youngest — a socially anxious teenager who had to be home-schooled — was doing better than ever, after a surprising request weeks earlier.

“You want to go to a social group?” Gorrell asked, stunned. This was a child who had cried hysterically enough to provoke a fever when they had tried public schools.

“Yeah. Will you take me?”

After a couple of weeks, Gorrell was floored when she noticed her teen was making friends.

Wow, she thought.

Suspicious and nosy, she dug around on the place, Indiana Youth Group — and became incensed when she learned it was a group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.


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