February 12th Meeting

Paula Wilson will be our speaker at the February 12th meeting. Paula Wilson, LCMFT is a Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working with individuals, couples and families who are dealing with issues that arise when a smily member or loved one has identified as LGBTQ. The spiritual and emotional concerns can be difficult on the Christian Family. individually and collectively. As a Christian, Paula has seen the pain and suffering that can arise in these situations. As a therapist her specialization has been working with people who have struggled with sexual and gender identity issues within a Christian context. She believes her spiritual calling is to be a beacon of hope that reveals God’s love of al people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In her work she seeks to help individuals, couples and families find common ground so they are able to feel connected, supported and respected.

Our meeting is 3-5 PM at the Village Presbyterian Church, Room 307.