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The MOTT House (From Aaron Jackson 3/8/19)

Yesterday, I finally gave the trans house an official name: Mott House.

I announced this roughly 20 minutes after it came to me. I did not even have time to think about what people’s responses would be. I’m really happy to say that it was all incredibly positive. People even called to thank me. The response I received is an incredible testament to Stephanie. And her life work. I can not 100% pinpoint it but she had something truly incredible about her. If I were to guess… it would be her calmness. That way she stood there with that little smile as she listened to whatever it is that was being said. She stood there with that same calmness when her “lifestyle choice” to be authentic was being challenged. She stood there with that same calmness when lawmakers challenged her authenticity. She stood there with that same calmness when she was with a person that saw her just as Stephanie. That peacefulness is what brings people in. It helps people listen. And listening to her life story is what brought about change to many of hardened hearts. As an activist myself. Remaining calm and authentic is a life lesson that I could definitely improve on. Now, thankfully, my house will be a gentle reminder to myself of that. And hopefully others.

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July 8th Meeting

Our July Meeting features Officer Kim Shaw-Ellis, KCMO Police Department

In Law Enforcement for 30+ years. Began career in the USAF as Military Police, served active duty for a four year tour. Deputy Sheriff for the Denver Sheriff Department for 6 years. Joined the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department in 1998. While on the KCPD have worked in the East Patrol Division, Central Patrol Division, Violent Crimes Division (Detective in Domestic Violence and in Homicide), North Patrol Division, currently an Instructor for the Kansas City, Missouri Regional Police Academy as well as the Diversity Officer for KCPD and the LGBTQ Liaison Officer.

Officer Shaw-Ellis recently spoke at the Missouri’s Regional Suicide Prevention Conference. Please join us!

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June 10th PFLAG KC Meeting features Inoru Wade

“Inoru M. Wade is a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Kansas with his Bachelors in East Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese and Japanese) and International Studies (Diffusion of Christian Theology in non-western nations). Currently he is a graduate research student from the University of Kansas’ School of Public Affairs and Administration. The focus of his study is LGBTQ+ issues and policy implementations to resolves the issues the community faces at the nonprofit, municipal, state, and federal level of government. He has traveled from San Diego to New York City and everywhere in-between collecting data and stories of the LGBTQ+ experience. He has delivered reports to the United States Senate regarding LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, has provided instrumental research regarding HB 2141 in the State of Missouri to protect children from conversion therapy, and his research regarding LGBTQ+ inclusivity policy is being published in Administration: Theories in Praxis, a journal used by many public organizations to increase their effectiveness. Inoru works with the Human Rights Campaign- Kansas City, PROMO Pac, and the LGBT Chamber of commerce to better the lives of his LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and non-binary siblings.”

Inoru was a speaker at Equality Teen Prom! I know everyone will benefit from hearing this! Please join us!

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March 11 PFLAG KC Meeting Features Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore is the current president of the Modern Family Alliance (MFA). MFA is a local Kansas City organization, which aims to help connect LGBTQIA parents and their children to other similar families here in the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. MFA sponsors annual fall and spring picnics, conferences, and events to help create community and connect LGBTQIA parents.

Shawn was born and raised in a small town in southern Iowa in the late 1970s / 80’s, and knew at a very early age he was gay. Shawn came out to close family members in high school and struggled deeply with the anxiety of community reprisal, parental disappointment, and fear during the AIDS crisis. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1997 with degrees in Finance and Japanese, worked overseas, and relocated to New York City for work in 2000, where he met Chuck. Shawn fulfilled a lifelong dream of getting married in 2011 to Chuck, and shortly after embarked on the journey to parenthood. Chuck and Shawn recently moved to Leawood, Kansas to be closer to family while raising kids, and to ensure their children would be brought up with Midwest cultural values. The couple have two daughters, a 2 1/2-year-old and a newborn, who are half-sisters sharing common maternal DNA (same egg donor), created by gestational surrogacy (like Kanye and Kim Kardashian). Shawn is a senior program manager for a large custodial bank in New York City, and Chuck is EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of Inlet, LLC, a B2B internet company.

Shawn will talk about MFA and his own journey—from coming of age as a closeted gay teen to becoming a gay dad in his mid-40’s, and the successes and failures he’s had along the way as a son, husband, and father.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Shawn speak and I know many parents will appreciate hearing his story! Join us!

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