May Meeting, Sunday, May 14th. Potluck at 3:00! Bring a dish to share!

Speaking Out – A Note from our PFLAG KC President:

What a busy time of year! Celebrations of all kinds! Graduations, Mother’s Day and the end of school.

Four years ago, my daughter told me she was gay. Now she is graduating from college on Mother’s Day. To be true to herself, she will be sharing her story with the rest of the family. I pray that the people who will be celebrating her graduation are able to celebrate her courage and accept her for the wonderful, smart, caring, amazing person she is and always will be.

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Sonja Feist

Happy Mothers Day! Graduating from college by a child is a great gift. I am the President of the Lawrence/Topeka chapter of PFLAG. A couple of us are planning on attending your meeting on June 12th. Know I will get some new ideas to help our chapter. Sonja Feist